50 Cent Mix (1 hr 52 min) – Explicit

Throwback Wu-Tang (71 min) – Explicit

For your workouts on Thursday, April 3

Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man, Redman, Saukrates, KRS-One, The Beatnuts, Big L, Nas, Rakim, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Busta Rhymes, Gang Starr


Ice Cube Mix (64m) – Explicit

For Tuesday, March 11


The Notorious B.I.G., Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Lil Jon, Ms. Toi, Mach 10, 2Pac, Talent, N.W.A., Method Man, Redman, Roger Troutman, Busta Rhymes, Saukrates, Wu-Tang Clan