Playing the Playlists

I use Spotify to make the playlists and play them.

So you’ll want to create an account for free to listen/steam each playlist.

Once you create an account, you can download Spotify to your laptop/computer (it works a lot like iTunes) and also to your mobile phone.

Then you can follow the main Music for WODs account by stephaniehay, or any of the daily playlists.

Getting the Playlists on your iPOD or Nano + Playing them “Offline”

You’ll need to upgrade to Spotify premium (for $10/mo) if you want to download the playlists to another device, like an iPod or Nano, or play them offline (particularly good if your gym doesn’t have wifi).

As an added bonus with Spotify premium, you don’t have to listen to advertising between songs.

Playing Playlists if You Don’t Have Spotify in Your Area

I’m still working on a universal solution for this one. If you’ve got any ideas, send them to me (Steph) at

Supporting the Person Making the Playlists

If you really enjoy Music for WODs, you can show your support by buying a t-shirt.

All proceeds go to the “Steph, we want you to keep making playlists for us” Fund. 🙂

You can also send me photos to include whenever I post a new playlist. Be sure to give me your name (or the person in the photo) and where you work out.

Email ’em to me or post them directly to the Facebook page.

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